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An Epic NFT Trading Card Game Like No Other

An Epic Cardano NFT Trading Card Game

Wolves of Rome is a trading card game about building your deck around legendary commanders and pitting them against other players in epic competitive battles.

Wolves of Rome is set within our own Ancient Fantasy Universe with Roman werewolves, Egyptian liches, Carthaginian Vampires, Northern Barbarians and hordes of magical beasts. With many more Empires set to be introduced throughout the ongoing world building, Wolves of Rome will see new cards, decks, packs, lore, assets and cosmetics added continuously as NFTs, guaranteeing the players true ownership. Battle for glory and earn rewards through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.

Build Your Collection Battle Opponents Compete In Tournaments Earn While Having Fun


Command your legion

Take turns summoning creatures of legend and cast powerful spells to enhance your ranks and dismantle the enemy forces.

Find your way to play

Explore the different Empires with their Commanders and find your favourite synergies in an ever changing meta.

Play and earn, not play to earn

Earn cards and Glorium for free as you play or buy packs from our store as you please. Mint & Trade your collection with friends and on supporting marketplaces - you’re in control.

Ever Expanding Universe

With new content and cards added continuously, there will always be new avenues of gameplay and lore to delve into. Whether you are a competitive player that wants to see your gamer tag at the top of the leaderboards or a casual player that prefers to play with your friends and for fun - Wolves Of Rome seeks to indulge all the different player types.

WOR Token

Our in game and on-chain reward token designed to sustain the WoR economy, facilitate ‘Play & Earn’ and governance utility. Earn it by playing, winning and having fun!


First Edition High Quality Card Artworks Complete (100 Unique Cards)

Develop working game loops.

Launch Website

Alpha Testing Phase 1 Launch (Invite only)

No talk about the Wolves outside of Rome (No marketing yet)

While self-funded we:

Collaborated with talented artists

Developed a working alpha of the game

Grew a highly active grassroots Discord community.

Established partnerships

Built and updated our website

Alpha Testing Phase 2

Finalize & Publish Tokenomics.

Updated Website Launch

Design Launchpad & Marketplace

Marketing campaign begins.

Hire more game developers

Commence development of the beta client.

Hire blockchain developers

Fundraising Round 1: $WOR Token Private Sale

Animations For Cards & In-Game Assets

Establish Strategic Partnerships

Reward for Alpha testers

Genesis NFT Drop - S1 Empire Wolves (Utility NFTs)

Development starts on Beta of Play & Earn ecosystem

QOL Updates & UI/UX Upgrades

Continued Marketing & Business Expansions

Mobile Development begins

EOY Audit

300 Unique High Quality Cards Finished For The Year

Host First Tournament Event

New Empires Released

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day - 2023 And Onwards!

The Future Of WoR:

Beta Launch of Play & Earn ecosystem

Ongoing Card Releases

A Growing World With Deep Lore

Story & Campaign Modes

Tournaments & Contests

Rotating Game Modes

Community Events

Launch Beta Marketplace V 0.1

And much more!

Play & Earn

As is the norm amongst crypto and blockchain gaming, play-to-earn is an ever present mechanism shared by all blockchain games. We, however, feel that incentivizing players to play our game by promising them that they can earn a revenue comparable to that of a regular job in some countries, is devious and unethical. Games should be played because they are fun, not purely for a monetary reward.

That’s why we prefer using the term play-and-earn. We offer gamers a free-to-play game, with no requirement to spend hard earned money just to get started playing. All too often have we seen other projects end up requiring several hundred dollars just to get started which is of course not sustainable for mass adoption.

In Wolves Of Rome, players will be rewarded with an in-game currency named 'Glorium'. This is a purely digital game currency, with no connection to the blockchain. Players earn Glorium simply by playing the game, winning matches, competing in tournaments and completing missions. Glorium has one primary use-case, which is buying card packs!

This means that players are effectively earning cards by playing our game, and not some cryptocurrency full of empty promises. Players are then free to mint any cards in their collection, transfer them to their connected wallet and trade them on either our own marketplace or secondary supporting marketplaces.




Join our discord community to become an alpha tester!
All testers will be airdropped NFT rewards that have in-game utility and redeemables!

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