How and Why to stake your WOR NFTs

March 6, 2023

As mentioned in our recent announcement, our staking portal is now live! This means that you can stake your Wolves of Rome NFTs to earn our in game currency, Glorium.

Now what is Glorium, well aside from being the primary rewards for winning tournaments/events and anything along the lines of achieving glory in the WOR universe, Glorium is the blood of the WOR economy.

How to stake your WOR NFTs

1. Download the game and run the launcher, you will be prompted to create a player account, go ahead and set that bad boy up!

2. Now that you have an account, pop over to your web browser (that has your NAMI or Eternl wallet linked) and load up the staking portal.

3. Sign in with the same username and password you created your player account with.

4. Link your NAMI so the portal can read what NFTs you are holding. 

5. Claim your Glorium! It’s that easy—as long as you have the NFTs in your wallet, they will earn you Glorium. 

Note Glorium will accumulate as claimable for up to 7 days so be sure to claim it every week or you will miss out on those shiny coins.

Different collections yield different amounts of Glorium and soon your traits will also impact what each NFT outputs:

Here’s the Glorium staking table for now

Empire Wolves Battlepass NFTs25 Glorium per day
Empire Liches Battlepass NFTs23 Glorium per day
WOR Treasure Vault NFTs5 Glorium per day

WOR is still in alpha and so there aren’t yet NFT cards in the game… so why on earth would I bother getting Glorium while the game is in alpha?

Well yes, while the game is in alpha so the cards are just server items and not mintable. The cards gathered don’t carry over into beta launch, so this is a great question! To which I have a great answer – because it’s fun to gather new cards, and to explore this game.. And we ARE going to let you use Glorium/Influence points* to participate in our exclusive 7th Empire mint. This mint will be in game and will cost you no ADA but will cost Glorium and Influence points. 

Furthermore, Glorium is used to get cards, cards help give you an edge against opponents, and you know what that means when tournaments with big prize pools are announced – you can read about our two prev tournaments here

Okay you mentioned Influence points? What are those?

Well as you buy things in game with your earned Glorium you will get influence points as a reward – these will be solely used to mint the Final Empire Battlepass collection – there is no other way to mint the 7th!

What are the full utility of the Battlepass NFTs when the Beta comes out?

Read our whitepaper to find out more…

There’s already a playable game out. Am I still early enough or have I been left behind?

Nuff said.