World Introduction

Welcome to Wolves of Rome! Face off against barbaric giants, ferocious werewolves, scheming vampires, resurrected gods, undead pharaohs and horrors from beyond… or join them, if you dare! The world of Wolves of Rome (WOR) is a high fantasy universe set in an alternate version of ancient history, in which historical people and events have been merged with popular fantasy themes. WOR mixes elements and takes inspiration from historical myth, popular fantasy, gothic horror, as well as components from religion and philosophy to give it a unique flavor, which is often missing from run-of-the-mill medieval fantasy worlds.


“Long ago, when the earth was young and the currents of magic were full of power, there was an age unimaginable. After the ocean crushed Atlantis and before the rise of the Northern Hordes, there was the Age of Wolves. A time of heroes and witches, of giants and triumph, but also of great betrayal and tragedy. It is fate that has brought you here… and if you will but listen, I shall share with you the tales of kings and gods, of their glory and their doom, and how the courage of a few shook the very pillars of the universe!”

General world introduction:

Our world is a place of wonder and possibility. Mystery and the call of the unknown beckon from all corners of this plane. At its center lies the Mediterranean, a region of mighty empires, world wonders and secrets still left to be uncovered. Its most prized jewel, Rome, lies at the very heart of it. Called the eternal city by poets, Rome brings together all the treasures of knowledge, master artisans, and people from far away lands to make it a mosaic of the world and the planes themselves. To the north of the Mediterranean lies a vast expanse of forests and unperturbed wildlife. Barbarians, giants and other wild folk make their home in this region, where they live in harmony with the will of nature. To the south lies the fabled city of Carthago, a miracle of civilization poised between the Mediterranean Sea and an inland sea of dunes that is home to things both secret and nameless. To the southeast, the ruins of the ancient Egyptian empire pierce out from underneath the sands, hiding treasures beyond one’s wildest imagination, but also their never sleeping ancient guardians. Connecting the Mediterranean to the far east is a vast stretch of plains inhabited by savage tribes called Orcs. Who in their ferociousness even outmatch the wild men of the north. Next to them lies the Middle Kingdom, a collection of once warring states now under the firm rule of a demi-godlike tyrant. It is home to dragons, holy mountains, and it is rumored, to actual immortals themselves. Beyond the great Atlantic ocean lies the mysterious hidden land called Terra Occulta, dwelling place of Lizardmen and Wild-Elves that worship alien gods amidst impenetrable lush jungles that hide riches from aeons and civilizations long lost.

But there is more to this world than meets the senses. Be on your guard, things are often not what they appear to be, and neither are the people. A carelessly spoken word to the wrong stranger may transport you into the bowels of Hell, or you may find yourself in the river Styx; while a thought held or a melody hummed at the right place, and at the right time, can become an incorporeal key that opens up the gates to the plane of Elysium itself, for you to step through and never look back again. Proceed with care, this might be a world of possibility and wonder… but in what direction they swing, terror or elation, victory or defeat is up to you.