Wolves of Rome Launch Season 2 Liches NFTs

October 5, 2022

The second season of the Empire NFTs for the Cardano-based trading card game Wolves of Rome will be released on October 27

Place, Date – After successfully launching and selling out their Genesis NFT drop, Wolves of Rome is releasing the Empire Liches collection of its Empire NFTs. The Empire Liches is a collection of 2222 Egyptian Empire 3D bust statuettes of exceptional quality. The collection is second among the six Empires included in the Wolves of Rome game. The Empire Liches collection will be available on jpg.store, the largest Cardano NFT marketplace, on October 27th for whitelisted users and October 28th for public mint.

Kyle Puller, COO of Wolves of Rome, said, “We delivered a working, playable alpha game to the community long before we launched our season 1: Empire Wolves. Now that we are on season 2, it was a chance for us to turn up the heat, surprise, frighten, inspire -Empire Liches will do all that, while boasting the same stacked utility in our game as season 1 did.”

Holders of Empire Liches NFTs will receive: 

  • A high-definition, animated, one-of-a-kind 3D statue bust with armour, clothing, weapons, and additional items as traits. 
  • Three static renderings of the artwork.
  • The lore book for the Empire Liches.
  • A 3D printer-compatible file of the core bust from the Empire Liches, so you can have it printed and own it in real life as well.
  • An MP3 of thematic music composed specifically for the Empire Liches.

Learn more about Empire Liches NFT through this video whitepaper.

The Wolves of Rome Empires drops are a pre-game NFT collection comprised of outstanding, conceptual, 3D animated artworks loaded with extremely rewarding and powerful trading card game utilities. These Empire NFTs are the foundation of the Wolves of Rome universe and have undergone extensive testing before being launched for minting.

The Empire Rome was the first of six Empire drops, released on July 28th, 2020 with a floor price of 180 ADA and sold out in 48 hours. The Empires NFTs will serve as whitelist memberships for the upcoming Empires. So, if you own an Empire Rome NFT, you will be automatically whitelisted for the Empire Liches drop. Players and NFT collectors can learn more about the whitelisting process by joining the Wolves of Rome Discord community.

To see the entire Empire drop roadmap click here.

About Wolves of Rome

Wolves of Rome is a trading card game in which you build your stack around legendary commanders and compete against other players in intense battles. Wolves of Rome has taken a different approach than most NFT projects that have a game somewhere on their roadmap; the company has prioritized building a playable game before selling NFTs to its community.

Wolves of Rome takes place in an Ancient Fantasy Universe and features Roman Werewolves, Egyptian Liches, Carthaginian Vampires, Northern Barbarians, and Hordes of Magical Beasts. With many more Empires set to be introduced in the future, Wolves of Rome will see new cards, decks, packs, lore, assets, and cosmetics added as NFT in the future, ensuring the players’ true ownership. Players will fight for honor and get rewards from the ecosystem if they play well and make useful contributions. 
To see the Wolves of Rome whitepaper click here.

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