Wolves of Rome Announces Staking Portal

March 6, 2023

Attention all Wolves of Rome players and holders! We are excited to announce the launch of our new Battlepass NFT staking portal, which will allow you to stake your Battlepass NFTs to earn Glorium, the in-game, off-chain, currency of Wolves of Rome.

By simply linking your player account and wallet you can now use your Battlepass NFTs to earn daily Glorium, which can be used to purchase cards, skins and other in-game rewards. Simply log in to your account, connect your wallet, and start staking your NFTs today! This is non-custodial staking so basically, you don’t need to do anything more than holding your NFTs once your wallet is linked. Just be sure to claim your Glorium at least every 7 days via the portal.

We understand the value of your Battlepass NFTs and felt that you should have to wait until we launch the WOR beta launch to taste some of that value, which is why we have created this staking portal to help you maximize their potential right now. 

By staking your NFTs, you not only earn more Glorium, but with every in-game Glorium transaction, whether you’re buying a new card or a slick aesthetic – you earn something called Influence points – and these will be the only way to mint the very exclusive final collection of the Empires NFTs – yes that’s right! The 7th Empires Battlepass collection, The Unaligned will NOT be minted in ADA but instead you will be spending your Influence points to acquire these. This will be the ONLY way to mint the final collection and it won’t cost you a single Lovelace.

Aside from Battlepass staking, there are more ways to earn Glorium, such as in-game quests, events and tournaments – this ensures that even if you don’t hold an Empires NFT, you can play your way to getting one in the 7th Empire mint!

Remember that every collection mint out is followed by a ‘Holder Rewards’ airdrop from the WOR Treasure Vault collection and the 7th will be no different!

We have also made provision in our staking portal to be able to onboard partners staking down the line for holders of  projects that we feel resonate well with the WOR culture and ethos.

So don’t wait any longer! Stake your Battlepass NFTs now and start earning Glorium today! Save it up for when we open Glorium purchases in the game! Thank you for being a part of the Wolfpack, and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

To get started be sure to have a player account created via our free to play open alpha

If you’d like to scoop up a Battlepass today, head on over and mint an Empire Lich to get started

Otherwise, dive into the portal and start claiming your Glorium!