Wolves of Rome Is Here

October 7, 2021

Wolves of Rome is a card game of strategy where you fight in glorious battles against other players and climb your way up the ranks to reap the rewards! You must enlist in one of the many factions and select a commander. Your commander can be a Unit, Landmark or Spell with a deck completely built around this character and their identity. Using wit, courage, and exemplary gameplay you must defeat your opponents in this multiplayer, play to earn battleground that is the Wolves of Rome.

Remember to select your commander card wisely as you will need to strategically build up your army of powerful creatures and arcane magic around them.


Commanders are Legendary cards that define the factions you can use to build your deck. At any moment you can pay your commander’s resource cost to put it into play. If the commander dies or gets destroyed you can pay 2 resource costs to revive it and be able to pay its resource cost again and put it into play. They are the focal point of your deck and are the deciding factor in which faction your playstyle will inherit.


First, you select your commander and then you can build your deck out of 30 cards. You can add 3 copies of a unique card to your deck. You can build a deck to compliment your commander’s attributes, or you can stack your deck to hide your weaknesses. How you manage your deck is up to you, and your willingness to be the best.


The battle system was structured as a “Trading card game” system with inspiration from games like “Magic the gathering,” “Hearthstone,” or “Legends of Runeterra.” Combat is when you order one character to attack another, dealing them damage. The most hits delt in Wolves of Rome will, in fact, be through the combat phase. The combat itself is simple, but the strategy that one can implement through gameplay can be huge. With the implementation of some trigger cards, there are a whole array of ways to take down your opponent.

Battle Your Opponent

Once your deck is built, you’re ready to pit yourself against your opponent. You both start at 30hp, with a single resource point and at the end of each round, you gain one more maximum resource point. You use these resource points to play the cards from your deck, play units, landmarks or spells to defeat your opponent by reducing his hp total too. Resource points are your energy source to play your deck. Use it wisely to gain the upper hand.

Starting A Match

Start the game by drawing four cards from your deck, you may then choose to keep or replace the chosen cards. If you choose to replace any card they’re put back into the deck and you then draw a random card from your deck.

Once you have chosen to keep or replace any of your cards, the battle begins and you’re able to draw one more card.

By a flip of an ancient denarius aureus, either you or your opponent goes first. Once a player plays a card then it is their opponent’s turn to play one and this process is repeated until one of them has nothing to play anymore and then end their turn. Anytime during the round, the player with the attack token is given the chance to attack with their units. After this, the opposing player is given a chance to choose units to block the attackers. Once combat has resolved players can play any cards they are able to and then end their turns and, thus, end the round.

Join us, Legionary

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